History of Aekyla

History of the Realm

Sheild of Aekyla: The world is great shield, held aloft by the mythic hero Aekyla. Or so they say. Some wise wizards and alchemists maintain that the world is a giant discus spun through the heavens by Orivina, the mighty athlete, and first son of Anur, Father of the Gods. Others give simple arguments to show that the world is an oat cake, fallen from the feast table of Benios, deity of plenty. And a few philosophers suggest that it might be a ball floating in emptiness, however ridiculous that might sound.

The continent of Amennor was the home of the mighty Viracul Empire that is the source of the common tongue, the calendar and the modern system of coinage. The Empire was torn apart by civil war 1,000 years ago and only remnants of culture, learning and art remain. Major cities often have ancient architectural features dating to that period, and the traveler will happen upon windswept ruins or picaresque temples in the wilderness, remnants of the Empire’s glory.

Amennor is divided between two main kingdoms and numerous unaligned states, races and wilderness. Weather ranges from snowy winters and cold mountains in the north to scorching sun baked plateaus and dense misted jungle in the south.

In the west, Aetarnis is a major producer of cattle and wheat. Their enlightened ruler, King Ursia has made alliances with the neighboring city/states, and it is said, is even entering into talks with the Orcs to make peace.

In the East, Sarantia, is ruled by the wary and warlike, King Agreos, his mines are rich with metals and his smithies ring with hammer strokes day and night. Agreos has annexed smaller nations on his borders and is rumored to desire a revival of the ancient empire. So far the cavalry of Aetarnis has been too daunting a force for Sarantia to risk open war, but as the power of King Agreos grows, so too do his ambitions.

In the far West the “7 Sisters”, loosely aligned merchant cities, dominate trade and craft making in the region. The cities lie on a narrow straight that runs north to south and comprise the major holdings of the free clans and great houses as well as the Elven strongholds.

East, across the sea lies Yemar, the golden seat of the sea-going Fonesians, great merchants and sailors. In the West, on the edges of the 7 Sisters one may find the deeply wooded Elven Protectorate, and the Sunset Wilderness, home to many beasts and the vicious Kobold tribes.

In the North, Barbarian clans live hard by the Dwarven strongholds in the Griphon’s Peak mountain range. Goblins also inhabit the north with their own lands in the hilly region known as the Grim Reaches.

In the south Orcs control the vast stretches of the badlands, winding razor sharp chasms rend the terrain with cool streams and shadowed vales concealing their homes. In the jungle swamps Lizardmen hunt with human aborigines, happy to have friends against the myriad dangers, both natural and mystic.

In the East many smaller kingdoms have fallen to King Agreos, news is scarce and no one knows how may independent states remain.

History of Aekyla

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